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Kim Tremaine, Ph.C., R.P.A., Program Director/ Historian/Analyst
Kim Tremaine, half owner of the company, is our Program Director. Her interest in geophysics began with applications in archaeology. Over the past six years, Kim has been instrumental in expanding this technology to transportation projects, tunnel detection, and levee integrity studies. In addition, she has applied her scholarship and expertise as an historical researcher to levee engineering and river dynamics in California‚Äôs Central Valley from the mid-19th century to present, recovering past facts on specific embankment failures and correlating them with geophysical and geotechnical data as a means to better understand current conditions and more effectively manage them in the

John Lopez, Chief Operations Officer
John Lopez, as half owner of the company, is our Chief Operations Officer and
visionary. He began mobilizing geophysical equipment in 1999, working to ruggedize and improve the data quality for applications in archaeology. Previously, John worked as a systems engineer for the Dalmo Victor Corporation, a leading manufacturer of radar antennas (since acquired by Applied Technology Division of Litton), served as a science reporter for Space Daily (a news network of science and technology targeted at industry, science, and educational experts), and was a member of IBMs Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Tiger Team. He continues to follow advances in cellular automata/genetic algorithms and complex adaptive systems research at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico. John majored in Anthropology at San Jose State University, conducting parallel studies in system theory. His first consulting firm, in the early 1980s, restructured large company operations to run more efficiently, promoting what he called the cybernetic corporation.